“OK Google”/ Voice Search Battery Drain Issues

After updated to Android 4.4 Kitkat, I found that the battery life drain faster than before. Therefore, I tried to figure out how to optimize in order to increase my Nexus 7 battery life. First thing that I need to do is download Battery Doctor apps to have better diagnostic and reports for battery usage.

Few days later, I noted my search bar able to use latest voice search features. This features allow you to activate Google Now or Google Search by saying “Ok Google” easily. After less than 24 hours, I noted my tablet battery drop to 4% left. Thus, I go to Battery report check which apps consume the most. Surprisingly, it showed Android OS and Google Keyboard consume to most. Consequently I decided to turn off this features since I’m not so fancy speaking to devices.

Android OK Google battery drain to zero less than one day

How to turn off “Ok Google”/ Voice Search

Here I’ll show out step by step guide how to turn off “Ok Google”/ Voice Search.

1. As usual go to Settings > Language & input.
Turn off ok google step 1

2. Go to Voice Search.
Turn off ok google step 2

3. Uncheck Hotword detection.
Turn off ok google step 3

I hope developer release latest patch to reduce the battery consume for “Ok Google” or If you have better ideas about “Ok Google” battery issues feel free to leave down comments.