How to reduce overheating in iOS7

How to reduce overheating in iOS7

I just updated to iOS7 from iOS6 and I am now facing overheating issues, hence I tried to turn off the some location services and it helps. Here I’ll share out how to reduce the overheating in new iOS7 and hope it helps.

Step by step reduce overheating in iOS7

1. Go to [Settings]
2. Go to [Privacy]
3. Go to [System Services]
4. Turn off the following services
– Diagnostics & Usage
– Location-Based iAds
– Mobile Network Search
– Popular Near Me
– Wi-Fi Networking

Extra Tips

1. Do not use the devices while charging.
2. Turn off unnecessary services if you’re not using like push notifications, bluetooth.
3. Get a original adapter.
4. Keep the screen brightness low if possible.
5. Skip turn-by-turn directions.
6. Avoid putting the devices under the sun light directly.
7. Format your devices (Backup before doing this)